Sunday, January 3, 2010

TODAY 1.3.2010

The following words have not been edited.

It's been a long time since that ship's journey to America in 1951 and lot of history has been written. Now there is a new world of wars, war of the worlds. People come to America with bombs in there underwear, bombs in their shoes. People come to America full of hate and resentment over our squandering of resources, our disregard for the suffering of the world's poor, our disregard for humans, our disregard for the animal kingdom and our disregard for mother nature. They hate us for all we have done and wasted throughout our history. They hate us for our arrogance. They hate us for our religions. They hate us for our power. They hate us for destroying their cultures with hamburgers. They hate us for a million wrong reasons because they know not freedom...they don't even know why they hate us.

Me, I got freedom here. They jailed me, they beat me, they tortured me, they called me names, they charged me with dispicable crimes, they plundered my life, they raped me but I have freedom, freedom to fight back.

But just this moment I look out over my city of Los Angeles with it's 10 or so little skyscrapersand I look at my village and I am amazed...I am alive!

Yet I feel they pain..the pain in my heart.

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