Sunday, August 21, 2011

Efthimia Dilpizoglou

Finally I've been told we are moving in on Drs. Efthimia Dilpizoglou also known as Maria Technosux  antifascist slanderer and what I believe to be a very dangerous individual who is making threats against various people in the United States and Europe. She lives part time in Amsterdam with her mother and part time in Greece with a relative. In Amsterdam she lives on the Naaldwijkstraat in what is believed to be a public housing unit, our contacts in Holland have not been to the address yet.

Ms Dilpizoglou writes anti government blogs and she could be a danger to herself and others. We have now made contact with additional people who she has threatened.

Our informants tell us she is thin, dark haired  and has a mole on the right side of her chin...we are trying to get a photo of her. Her title also indicates that she has a Ph.D which she does not.

If you should know this person or have any information on her please contact me at
This is part of a liable investigation against several people who are abusing their freedom of speech. Their intent is to damage other people's reputations and cause them harm They are sick individuals with very low self esteem.

We are also trying to locate the following person who may be living in Nevada:
Robert Sterling plus we are trying to locate the owners of Asian Diva Girls.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am depressed. I have lived an intense life as a free man. Free from all the constraints of society. Free from my own fears. I've lived like I've wanted to live.  I'm torn. I want to tell the story but there are so many stories and all except perhaps a few forgotten by the passing of time. Most of these stories buried beneath the sands of time, under the oceans, under the flow of lava, lost to mother nature's whims, her outbursts against humanity for the crimes we have committed against her. It's down right frightening that we have spent this time on earth and have very little to show for it. What happened to our dreams, our castles our toys our children and even our madness?

I'm so afraid to write about my life. In the end there is so little to say, maybe a few million words, maybe just a sentence or two or maybe we end up with a blank piece of paper that can only be used to white balance a camera or make a paper plane from.

Can I write about my childhood in the middle of a world war? can I write about the oppression of being a good family man? Can I write about being a mad publisher fearless of what I publish? Can I write about the American police state and the effects on human dignity? Can I write about prison? Can I write about sex and all it's wonderful perversions? There's more, a lot more.

No, right now I can't but as I get closer to the end of the days of my life I will, I surely will write something. How about you? Will you dare to write about your boring life?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Again it is early morning and I look out over the city of Los Angeles from my office high in the sky. This morning I'm thinking about a crazy woman that came to an interview a few months back. Her name is Lindsay Jonson or Lindsay Steinmetz or Lindsay Hibbard, she goes by several names, she plays war games and paints ugly works. She used to be a dental assistant in the Seattle area she is now a photographer / painter. The one picture of her is not really what she looks like. She's puffy with thin blond hair and will no doubt expand as the years go by. She loves that picture, it makes her look sexy.

How did I meet this charming woman? Well she applied for a job her at the institute. During the interview she must have been on drugs because she saw hookers and white powder all over the floor and coke under my nose. She was just here for a few minutes before running off....more to come.