Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Time is Short

As if I didn't know, since my quadruple by-pass operation I've come to realize that these are my last days on earth. That whole thing about a life time ahead of me was just a misunderstanding of time and space. A well intentioned parental booster on those bad days when life sucked.

But now I get to tell everything, I can cut the thin delicate veneer of the of the bag and let all the beans spill out, let them spread across the floor, cause now it doesn't matter and the truth has to be told. I'm going to tell you all this because I think you should know the truth. You should know the truth for my sake There is no life time, there are minutes, moments when we see ourselves bigger than life, masters of the fact, we are little, tiny, inconsequential in the scheme of time and space.

But we are arrogant braggards with big stories about our little lives. We insist that we are. Are what? Time erases us in a matter of nano-seconds. What we leave behind is stuff. Tragic stuff.

More later...