Saturday, May 14, 2011


Again it is early morning and I look out over the city of Los Angeles from my office high in the sky. This morning I'm thinking about a crazy woman that came to an interview a few months back. Her name is Lindsay Jonson or Lindsay Steinmetz or Lindsay Hibbard, she goes by several names, she plays war games and paints ugly works. She used to be a dental assistant in the Seattle area she is now a photographer / painter. The one picture of her is not really what she looks like. She's puffy with thin blond hair and will no doubt expand as the years go by. She loves that picture, it makes her look sexy.

How did I meet this charming woman? Well she applied for a job her at the institute. During the interview she must have been on drugs because she saw hookers and white powder all over the floor and coke under my nose. She was just here for a few minutes before running off....more to come.