Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Early Monday Morning

All my nightmares have come and gone. It's a sunny day in Los Angeles. The sky is clear, the air crisp and the mountains are capped with snow.


The day flew by it's late nite, technology has overtaken me, I've accomplished little yet more perhaps than my grandfather could do in a life time... It's time for sweet dreams. Good night my beloved friend.

Some Time Has Passed

Some time has passed since my last entry. It took me a couple of years to figure out that I had a blog here. I do so many other things that some times my hard drive gets bogged down and it has to search all the hallways of my mind.

Since my last blog here I have been in and out of jail (Twin Towers), then prison (somewhere near Bakersfield). All because since I started publishing back in the 70's they have been after me for one thing or another. This time for not appearing on a case that was thrown out by the Supreme Court of the USA years ago. I'll tell more about all this later.

Right now I'm sitting in my new office ( it took me 20 years to get an office like this and big pay cut to go along with it). It overlooks the city of Los Angeles and from my window I can see the parking lot of Sam's Hoffbrau (is that how you spell it?) The office is about as big a two man cell at twin towers in Los Angeles and I don't have to worry about any deputies coming to beat me or my cellmates.

I'm glad to be back!